February 15, 2008

Drunken Babble

Figured it's time to post again, here it goes...

Rediscovered one of my fave bands of all time, Mad Season, here's linkage... www.youtube.com/watch?v=qypV_9pizgw&feature=related
can't make it a clickable link, dammit I suck at this!

Layne Staley is/was the fuckin man.

Kids are fun. My son is almost 5 yrs old and he's pulling shit all the time now. He's learned how to be sneaky. We share a room and instead of being loud as fuck when he gets up and waking me up like he did when he was younger, he now sneaks out of the bedroom to see if there's any shit, aka candy, to pillage while unsupervised. We put candy up high in the cupboards etc.. but that didn't work, he got a chair and helped himself.

Ahh, but gluttony is a sin yes? He learned that the hard way.

I was on the computer one night and all the sudden I hear pitter patter of feet heading to the bathroom and gagging sounds. WTF? OK Gavin is getting sick. Go in there he's puking in the toilet, he just had an ice cream sandwich, so I ask him if he had too much candy, response is "yeahhh". Stupid me for feeding him an answer instead of making him think of a lie, therefore improving my chances of sniffing out a lie. I R dumb sometimes. As I'm wiping his mouth off, comforting him while he's sick, i notice white crystals all over his face. I asked him what those are. No response, puking etc.. I don't blame him. Go in the bedroom and there's the salt shaker with the lid unscrewed and shit tons of salt all over my bed. He stole the salt shaker thinking it was sugar, took a shot, and made him puke, hahaha. Then I guess he decided fling it all around because it was all over my fuckin bed, sweet. A day or two later he dumped a whole thing of lemon pepper spice in the sink. What a dick. :)

Going to my first NBA game ever in a week with Wes, Trailblazers vs Celtics, in Portland obv. I hope Garnett is back from injury, the Celtics are going all the way this year, print it. I'm a Suns fan but I don't see how the Celts can lose as long as the key players stay healthy.

Buenos Noches

January 31, 2008

WTF is this all about?

Sat down at a micro Omaha hi/lo cash game with two players sitting out, this is their chat as far as when I sat, wtf are they talking about?

MooOOoo00: those railbirds suck
Dealer: A new game will start in 15 seconds
MooOOoo00: they take the joy out of the game
MooOOoo00: they are so calculating
Dealer: Hand cancelled
countone: yes
countone: I hate them
countone: but we cannot do anything but encourage them to stay
countone: or at least let them know they CAN STAY
MooOOoo00: they can not play at hire limnits ;cause peeps would catch on in a minute
MooOOoo00: they only play full houses
countone: that is right
MooOOoo00: I can not stand them
countone: you have figured that out long ago
countone: they are in it together
MooOOoo00: I am all cash
MooOOoo00: I have no equities
countone: omgosh
countone: you are paper
MooOOoo00: I sold everyting
countone: omgosh
countone: what a crazy thought
MooOOoo00: I really tink we are heading for a recssion
MooOOoo00: the jobless report was horrible but still the market went up;
MooOOoo00: It does not make sense
countone: it is going to be awful
MooOOoo00: I sold everying today
MooOOoo00: Sara
MooOOoo00: Most peeps will basrely feel it unless they lose their hiobs
countone: oh
MooOOoo00: And, peeps tell me the cost of stuff is going up
MooOOoo00: Is it
MooOOoo00: I have no idea
MooOOoo00: Milkk and stuff
countone: yes it is
MooOOoo00: I have no idea
countone: groceries are outraugeous
countone: it cost more and more each month to eat
MooOOoo00: I really have no idea
MooOOoo00: that is horrile
countone: I have my grocery budget I used to be able to work with
MooOOoo00: You really can tell?
countone: but not know
countone: now
countone: I cannot use it for other stuff
countone: it mostly just buys grocerys
countone: once in a while I can get something else
countone: or do something for someone
MooOOoo00: Get a housewarming gift
countone: i will do that
MooOOoo00: I am so strange
countone: I will get it tommorrow
MooOOoo00: I am
MooOOoo00: I do not care
countone: I like you starnge
MooOOoo00: The water here is too deep
countone: oh
MooOOoo00: Oh no
MooOOoo00: I do not love you like that
MooOOoo00: Do not worry about me
MooOOoo00: I wojuld not want you to suffer as I have
countone: are you singing
MooOOoo00: Yes
countone: oh
MooOOoo00: Sara
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: I love you but I have to run
countone: trot
MooOOoo00: OMG
countone: it is trotting
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: Sara
countone: yes my love
MooOOoo00: All your fears
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: they will be okaay
MooOOoo00: Here is my thing
MooOOoo00: Should i go on?
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: Nevermind
MooOOoo00: Saraq
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: Do not worry about that trailer thing
MooOOoo00: Or whartever it is called
countone: yes
countone: travel trailer
MooOOoo00: Yes
countone: HOME
MooOOoo00: I am just saying do not worry about it
MooOOoo00: I have no idea what that means
countone: I do not either
countone: but I shall not worry then
countone: and about meadows and places of fine oats
countone: do not worry
countone: I will never let anyone take them away from you
MooOOoo00: Sara
countone: yes
MooOOoo00: It means not to worry so much about you and Mr Mo's retirement
countone: oh

If anyone can decipher this shit, let me know.

January 30, 2008

1:35am post why ask why?

I'm drunk to say the least so lets begin rant ....

Public Bathroom Etiquette: When you are done using a bathroom stall, do everyone a favor and leave the fuckin door cracked open. I don't want to play peek-a-boo through the cracks of a stall with a 250lb man taking shit.

I could just walk up real quick and tug on the door, no peek-a-boo, but I hate to walk up and tug on a closed door that's locked and give someone a shit kill. When I'm in the stall and some putz pulls that shit on me, for a split second I think, "did I lock the fuckin door?" as my asshole clenches up and I prepare for the worst. It's a shit kill. Now I have to spend extra time making myself comfortable enough again to finish my shit. For common courtesy sake, I don't do that.

It's an awkward feeling when you attempt to open a stall door that you think is unoccupied and it's locked. It feels intrusive the split second you pull and realize it's locked. The next split second you realize you are standing 2 feet away from someone taking a shit, possibly worse. Instinct kicks in, back away as quickly as fucking possible.

Brown discolored pussies on white women: What is the story on this phenomenon? I can see Blacks, Latinas, Asians, Cubans, name your brown nationality of choice, having these pussy colors. But how does a white woman end up with brown nether regions? Did she wipe the wrong way as a child and it forever stained her womanhood? I wouldn't care other than the fact that I think it looks gnarly, and I'm extremely curious.

Cutting it short, will post again soon...

June 13, 2007

My First Mookie

I played in my first Mookie tonight on Full Tilt. slb159 staked me for the thing. I finished 26th out of 71. I heard I won some points for the blogger leader board which sounds like fun. Didn't win any money though. I'll have to play in the next one now, heh. I did have the satisfaction of busting out Waffles though. It was folded to me on the button and I held 44. I raise 3x bb, small blind folds and Waffles pushes his short stack all in. It's a coin flip most likely so I call. If I lose I still have a manageable stack. He shows Q6 and my sailboats hold up. I can't wait to read how I played that like a donkey in his blog tomorrow :)

Random chat in a 1.75 two table donkament...

Jdawg88: chigga= *****/ n i g g a?
Jdawg88: c h i n k
Jdawg88: im not tryna be offensive.
ChiggaNick: no
Jdawg88: thats what it means in korea
Jdawg88: derrogative term
Gordogg: he's half black half eskimo which=eskibro
Jdawg88: lol
ChiggaNick: lol

I thought of something recently. When on a flush draw, you figure you have 9 outs so you calculate pot odds based on that figure. But realistically wouldn't you agree that the odds of a player or players folding at least one of the suits you need pre flop to be high? I think one would have 8 outs or less a reasonable percentage of the time. Mind you 8 outs isn't that much worse than 9, but 7 or 6 outs is significantly different. So why calculate 9 outs every time when considering pot odds? Something to think about...

June 03, 2007

Random Ramblings

I'm gonna ramble....a one two three four..


Subject: Bad Beats

Dear PokerGods,

Please even out the bad beat to suck out ratio because it's kinda pissing me off at the moment. I have gotten a few suckouts but the bad beats have been overly gay. I have total faith in your judgement.

Thank you,


I was going to post hand histories but can't copy and paste on here without it being all clumped together and i'm not manually fixing it.

Tabasco sauce and beer....

Have you ever tried a few drops of tabasco sauce in your beer? It is pretty damn good for a change of pace. I was at a bar once a few years ago and saw this old dude, must've been 70 at least, he had a fuckin leather tabasco sauce holster around his waist. I decided to try it myself and it's not bad at all. I don't do it all the time but especially if you have some shit beer like Steel Reserve etc.. its a good idea to spice it up with tabasco. Take that Rachel Ray.

Public Restrooms....

OK, I like to drink. The thing is when you like to drink as much as I do, there are reprecussions. Such as shitting more than humanly necessary. I have a full time job at a hardware store. I spend time shitting in the public restroom more than the average human. Something I've noticed is that some men like to moan as if they are receiving the blow job of their life when they take a piss. I'll be sitting in the shitter and they don't know I'm in the room so they moan like it's fucking a glory hole urinal. For the record, I have never moaned while taking a piss. The most i've done is the "ahhhh" sound that's it. I've asked friends and they have never done it either. But some dudes i overhear are like "mmmm, oh shit, ahhhh"" a second or two passes t hen "ohhh god, ahhh jessus ahhhhhh". I can't help but laugh. WTF is that all ab

Ok that's all for now, peace.

April 15, 2007

Geometry Lesson

yosoyveneno: circle jerk?
little_love_elf: lol
little_love_elf: ew
Gote: when guys get in a circle and jerk it
yosoyveneno: define pls
irongirl01: Bunch of guys jerking off in a circle Veneno
Gote: to be blunt
irongirl01: mostly guy men
irongirl01: gay men
Gote: sometimes it's a contest
irongirl01: lol
Gote: to see who can cum first
Gote: i'm a four time champ
little_love_elf: what the???

April 08, 2007

Who is this guy?

This is on the front page of espn.com right now..

Many of us dream of winning the World Series of Poker. For most, it's just that: a dream. But not for Johnny Chang. Then again, he turned $320 into $30,000 when he was only 16.

I must research this Chang fellow, never heard of him....

Happy Easter

It's 8am Easter morning and I'm drinking a beer. It's a holiday, no rules. My 3yr. old son is with me so we will be outside looking for eggs in a few hours with a slew of other kids. When I was a kid, easter eggs were hidden throughout the inside of the house. I've never hunted for eggs outside. Without rain of course, I think outside sounds like a hell of a lot more fun. More area to explore and it's exciting being outside like you would be on a real hunt. Plus you get to battle with all the other kids, it's a war zone. Luckily my son has studied Chuck Norris. I get a feeling I'm going to see at least one roundhouse kick to the head of some poor snot nosed brat.

Haven't done anything terribly exciting pokerwise. Did two $5 HU sng's yesterday. Played Veneno HU one game, lost on a suck out of course. I had 55, board was 9639, all the money goes in, she has AK. River K, which stands for "Kick" in my balls. She also bluffed me off a tourney winning hand. I came close to calling, I had pocket 88 on a AJxxT board, she pushes on river. I seriously consider calling thinking a bluff is a highly likely scenario, but I fold reasoning that if I'm wrong, I've lost the game. I'll just outplay her instead. I forgot to factor in the Veneno suck out goddess factor. Played Weak after that, lost. We were even for a while, going back and forth. Then I get top pair and lost to turned trips. I knew I was beat after he raised my turn bet, but I had 300 chips left after that, so auto call. After that I realized I should've just pushed all in on turn if I was gonna bet, instead of leaving myself with meaningless shit chip stack. Durr.